10 New Remote Data Science / ML Jobs

Let's focus on the positive

Hello All,

I hope your job search is making progress. The beginning of the month is often a fruitful time for new job postings. Here are 10 (!) new remote jobs in the data science/machine learning space that you should check out:

  1. Sourcetable - Lead Backend Engineer. Salary $100k - $160k USD.

  2. Cognii - NLP Research Engineer.

  3. DataDog - Data Engineer - Data Science Engeering.

  4. Open Syllabus - Senior Machine Learning Engineer. Salary: $120k-$150k USD

  5. Imperfect Foods - Data Scientist.

  6. Auth0 - Data Scientist.

  7. Auth0 - Data Engineer.

  8. Hop Labs - Software Development Engineer (ML).

  9. Noom - Data Scientist. Salary $120k - $200k USD

  10. Conducto - Generalist Good at Python.

Interesting reads:

Finally, thanks to Vicki for the shout-out, and if you aren’t reading Normcore Tech, you should be.

Have a great week.